who is mwMike Walker is music personified. He was born with a natural gift to sing, write, perform and to entertain without a blemish. His abilities put him in the elite of entertainers. Though you may not be familiar with his name, it is inevitable that you will in the near future. 
Mike has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years. Although he isn't a senior in age, he is definately a senior in his craft. Mike has entertained hundreds of thousands of people throughout his career. His peers has dubbed him as "The man with the Golden Voice". Even some of the legends in the business are awed by his vocal quality. 

What has Mike done over the years?

When Mike was in his adolescent years, he went by the name "Lil' Elvis". From the age of 7 through the teeny bopper year of 13, he performed in front of thousands of people impersonating "The King" of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. He then put the cape away and started performing as himself. He started opening shows for legendary acts like "The Coasters", "The Drifters" and even captivated the audience of  "Dr. Hook". 
While performing at the civic center in Jackson, TN, he was approched by a representative of Elvis Presley Enterprises. He started working for them as the voice of "Elvis" on their Tennessee Tourism Commercials. They also offered him a stage to perform during their "Elvis Week" events. Mike Worked for E.P.E. on and off for 12 years. 
During that time Mike had been entertaining the idea of going international and finally did. He was signed to "DreamWorks Nashville" in 2000. His first song to country Radio, "Honey Do", was released in 2001. The video for the song made it's way to CMT and GAC. Although there were 4 singles released off of his debut, self-titled, album, "Honey Do" would be the only song that was actually supported by the Major Label. 
Mike was invited to be one of the acts on the first annual "Brooks -N- Dunn Neon Circus". Also in the line-up were "Toby Keith", "Montgomery Gentry", "Keith Urban" and Music Comedian, "Cletus T. Judd". On the road, Mike has opened for Country Royalty, like Alabama, Aron Tippon, Rascal Flatts, Lonestar, Phil Vasser, Jodi Massina, Jessica Andrews, Ronnie McDowell, Darryl Singletary, Ray Price, Gene Watson, Jack Greene, Merle Haggard, Mickey Gilley and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few. 
The events of 9/11 had a deep impact on the country and rippled to the music industry. All the "New" acts were pushed aside by radio to reinsure the togetherness of America through the patriotic songs. Very few of the "New" acts survived the wave. "DreamWorks Nashville" folded and the acts that they had were swept away. Mike Walker remains and is still moving forward with his career.
Mike, now performs his own show in Branson, Missouri. He also appears with Mickey Gilley. Mickey refers to Mike's show as "A One Man Legend Show". Ronnie McDowell has used Mike on his own recordings for back-up vocals and the voice of "Conway Twitty". Mike has the ability to write prolific songs as well. In fact, "DreamWorks Nashville" saw fit to put 3 of Mike's original writings on the debut album and Ronnie McDowell has recorded one of his songs. Mike has had songs held by recording Superstars, "George Strait", "Keith Urban", "Tim Mcgraw" and "Montgomory Gentry."

Why haven't I heard of him?

Unfortunately, timing is everything. "Now" is the "Time" for you to know and remember the name Mike Walker. You can see Mike Walker perform in Branson, Missouri during the months of April through the first week of December. Watch for his appearances in cities near you.
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