Hello and Welcome Walker Stalkers Fan Club Members!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the official launch of the Mike Walker Fan Club!

We’ve been working extremely hard on creating a fantastic fan club experience, and we knew we wanted it to be more than just a special t-shirt. We want to connect with you regularly, giving Walker Stalkers tons of members-only content and letting you in on all our newest creations FIRST!

Why join?

1. You’re a dedicated Walker Stalker Fan; why not join!
2. It helps Mike keep creating more music for you!
3. It’s the most interactive and exclusive place for Walker Stalkers on the planet.
4. You get so many fantastic perks!

Here’s what you receive when you join:
• Access to Mike’s exclusive activity feed, where he will be regularly checking in and sharing big news first
• The chance to screen Mike’s music before everyone else
• Weigh in on Mike-related matters
• First shot at limited-edition Mike Walker merchandise
• Other cool Mike Walker Stuff! – Sounds a little vague? Here’s why: We want to create our Walker Stalker community together and be constantly coming up with more creative ways to Make Things Happen. So we’ll be taking your ideas for new perks and content to add in the coming months.

We are excited about this new venture and hope you are too.  Thank you so much for being in our lives.

For more information and to sign up, please visit the link to access the Official Mike Walker Fan Club Membership Form.

Making Things Happen and God Bless,
Mike Walker

Important Mike Walker Fan Club Forms and Links

Mike Walker Fan Club Magazine “The Walker Times”

Mike Walker Shout-Out Request

Mike Walker and I – Fan Photos Page

Do you have a favorite picture of you and Mike Walker?  If you do, email it to me at kym.mikewalkerfanclub@gmail.com.

Once I receive your picture, I will upload it here and notify you so you can see it too.
When sending your picture, please make sure to include your name and where you are from.

I can’t wait to see your pictures!!!

God Bless ~ Kymberly Pierce-Hapke, Mike Walker Fan Club President